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no  adverb

תרגום קולי


Example sentences of
no adverb

  • דוגמאות שימושShe shook her head no.
  • דוגמאות שימושthis cake is no better than the last one we made

nonsense  noun

תרגום קולי

שְׁטוּת, נוֹנְסֶנְס; מילים חסרות משמעות; (ספרות) אִיגָיוֹן

Example sentences of
nonsense noun

  • דוגמאות שימושI don't know why you believe that nonsense about certain numbers being unlucky.
  • דוגמאות שימושShe thinks that astrology is nonsense.
  • דוגמאות שימושDon't listen to him. He's talking nonsense.
  • דוגמאות שימושHe was not in the mood to put up with any nonsense from his little brother.
  • דוגמאות שימושIf they start pushing each other or some such nonsense, send them to their rooms.
  • דוגמאות שימושShe doesn't take any nonsense from anyone.
  • דוגמאות שימושMany of the words in the poem are nonsense.
  • דוגמאות שימושI understood so few of the words they were using that the conversation sounded like nonsense to me.
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