Hebrew translation result for: teach

teach verb

תרגום קולי

taught, has taught, is teaching, teaches

Example sentences of
teach verb

  • דוגמאות שימושHe enjoys teaching his students about history.
  • דוגמאות שימושShe taught English for many years at the high school.
  • דוגמאות שימושThe church teaches compassion and forgiveness.
  • דוגמאות שימושSomeone needs to teach her right and wrong.
  • דוגמאות שימושThe experience taught us that money doesn't mean everything.
  • דוגמאות שימושHer injury will teach her not to be so careless with a knife.
טיפ לתמונה
שימו לב
  • צורת העבר של teach היא taught.
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