About Us

Morfix is a free online Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew dictionary. It is the leading dictionary that contains accurate up-to-date translations from Hebrew to English and from English to Hebrew, phrases and idioms from all language strata, including literary forms, English and Hebrew slang, acronyms and technological terms. The Morfix Team updates the site continuously. All you need to do is enter a word, phrase or a sentence, either in English or in Hebrew and you will get the translation to the other language. The service includes spelling corrections, autocomplete service for English and Hebrew entries, pronunciation sounds and usage examples for English words, reverse translation, related phrases lists for English words, morphological analysis (you can enter any inflected form in Hebrew or in English) inflections lists for English verbs and nouns, and Nikud in Hebrew – the vowel diacritics are added.
Use it as your day-to-day tool for English Hebrew translation, when reading English articles, when you need to write emails in English, and save the words you encounter so you can continually expand your vocabulary. Play a set of challenging games tailored for native English speakers and enjoy the process of learning English through playing.

Morfix is Israel's leading dictionary, and is widely used in elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, as well in preparation courses for psychometric tests and other examinations required for undergraduate and graduate studies.

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