Terms of Use for the Morfix Website

A.   General terms

  1. Welcome to the Morfix Website, which is operated by Melingo Ltd. (hereinafter: Melingo). This Site serves as an online bilingual dictionary and a platform for English learning, which uses, among other things, quizzes and personal practicing zones in different levels. Through this Site, Melingo offers products and services for purchase, from time to time.
  2. These Terms of Use are applicable to the following Morfix web sites: www.morfix.co.il, milon.morfix.co.il, school.morfix.co.il and morfix.com (hereinafter: the Site).
  3. The provisions of these Terms of Use will apply to any user of the Site, whether a paying user or a non-paying one (hereinafter: the User).
  4. In case of a subscription purchased for an organization (a company, a partnership, a non-profit etc.), the representatives of the organization and the users on its behalf are obligated by this usage agreement in the name of the organization.
  5. The User, or the organization, asserts that the details of identification presented by them, such as e-mail address, name, telephone number, name of company, company registration number, identification number etc., are true, complete and up to date.
  6. The User declares and confirms that s/he read these Terms of Use and agrees to its provisions. S/he and/or anyone who acts on his/her behalf relinquishes any claim or demand, directly or indirectly, against the Site or any of its operators, owners or managers, or anyone acting on their behalf. Let it be clear that the usage of the Site, including any kind of action in it, constitutes the user's consent to the abovementioned Terms of Use.

B.   Usage of the Site and intellectual property

  1. All rights in the contents of Morfix's dictionaries, as well as all other parts of the Site and their contents, including, but not limited to, the Morfix™ trademark, the Morfix logo, The Morfix School trademark, the Morfix School logo, the translations, all words and phrases, the Hebrew vocalization, the links between words, the audio files, the grammatical inflections, the lists of words by subjects, and the various learning content included in the Site, as well as any other content that may be included or added to the Site or to Morfix dictionaries in the future, the Site's design, the code on which it is based, its programming, its graphic files, its text, all of its formats and other components, and any other material included in it (hereinafter: the Site's Contents) are reserved only to Melingo. It is strictly forbidden to disseminate, reproduce, copy, publicly display, transfer to a third party or make any use other than those permitted by these Terms of the Site's Contents or any part of them without obtaining Melingo's written permission beforehand.
  2. The information and database in the Site and Melingo's dictionaries have the sole purpose of improving English-language skills through the Site for personal use, and for translating single words and phrases by typing them in the search box of the Site or the application and reading the content page presented by Melingo in full, without making any changes, cuts or additions to the original page, and for personal use only.
  3. It is forbidden to copy or display in public the contents of the sites and Morfix dictionaries or any part of them, transfer them or sell them to others, whether for the purpose of commercial competition with Morfix or for any other purpose. It is forbidden to run lists of words through Morfix dictionaries, whether by using a computer program or manually, and to produce files, lists or any kind of databases. It is forbidden to use the information on Morfix's websites and/or in Morfix's applications and/or the database of Morfix's dictionaries in any other way which is not permitted by law or contradicts these Terms of Use or any interests of Melingo. The use of Morfix's services constitutes the user's consent to the aforementioned and a commitment on his/her behalf to act accordingly. All lists of words and/or translations produced through Morfix's dictionaries are Melingo's property and may not be used without Melingo's written consent.
  4. The User will not operate or enable the operation of any computer application or any other measure that allows copying, including through systems of information extraction, from the Site and Morfix's dictionaries, including entries, translations, audio files, grammatical inflections, learning contents and registration details of registered users of the Site.

C.   Consent to receive various messages and commercial presentations

  1. A user who submitted his/her details and registered to the Site's services, including Morfix's dictionaries and Morfix School, hereby agrees to receive from time to time commercial presentations as defined in Article 30A of the Israeli Statute of Communication (Telecommunication and Broadcasting) of 1982, including messages about version updates and new features of the Site and Morfix's dictionaries, as well as sales and marketing materials offered by or through Melingo.
  2. The user may withdraw his/her consent to receive commercial presentations as defined in Article 30A of the Israeli Statute of Communication (Telecommunication and Broadcasting) of 1982, at any time, and notify Melingo about his/her refusal to receive commercial presentations, in the manner mentioned in the commercial presentation itself or alternatively through this e-mail address: morfix-newsletter@melingo.com.

D.   Liability

  1. Melingo will not be held responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect, financial or other, which may be caused to the User or to any third parties, as a result of the usage of the Site or reliance on the information presented in it or collected from it.
  2. Melingo preserves the rights to update the Site, its services and their prices, the Terms of Use, and to stop providing the services of the Site, all without any warning or prior notification. Melingo will not be held responsible for any damages that may be caused to the User or any third party as a result of any change of discontinuing of any of its services.
  3. Melingo will not be held responsible for any temporary unavailability of the Site caused by a collapse, dysfunction or failure of communication lines, the program or the appropriate operation of the Site. In such cases, Melingo will do its best to resume the service as soon as possible.
  4. Melingo reserves the right to present commercial advertisements by a third party on the Site at any time. Melingo is not responsible for the content or any information provided by these advertisements, nor will it be held responsible for any company and/or website to which they may be linked. Also, Melingo does not necessarily support or recommend the products or services advertised on the Site.
  5. The Site is provided "as is" with no liability of any kind. Melingo does not and will not have any responsibility of any kind, whether implicitly or explicitly, with regard to these Terms of Use or to the Site, for (but not limited to) the implicit capability of tradability, legality in any territory, or compatibility with a special requirement. The User takes upon her/himself the entire responsibility with regard to quality, operation and performance of the program. Melingo is not responsible for the outcome of the service and provides no guarantee for producing accurate translations in every case.
  6. Disclaimer: Except for legal limitations, Melingo's liability toward the User, whether contractual, damage (including malpractice) or any other cause, will not exceed, in any event, the sums paid by the User to Melingo for the use of the Site or product(s). Melingo will never be responsible to the User for any lost or damaged information, loss of income, loss of profits, inability to use the program, cost of alternative products, or for special damage, indirect, consequential, collateral, or punitive damages, regardless of how they came to pass and regardless of the concept of liability arising in any manner from these Terms of Use. This disclaimer will apply also to a case in which Melingo learned about the possibility of this damage, and regardless of the nature of the cause for the action or claim. This disclaimer and damage exclusion will apply regardless of the effectiveness or successfulness of other remedies. Melingo will not be able to provide the Site's services on an economical basis without the limitations set forth in this article.

E.    Purchase on the Site – Payments, Refunds and Cancellations

  1. An order of a product or service will be made using a credit card owned by the User and authorized to her/him only. By making the order of a product or service offered on the Site, the registered user gives Melingo permission to send the issuer of the credit card charges for the said service as detailed by Melingo to the issuer. This permission will expire upon receipt of a written message by the registered user to Melingo, within three business days following the receipt of the message. This permission will also be valid for charging a different credit card with a different number, which will be given as an alternative to the credit card specified in the voucher.
  2. Using false details, including personal details, and/or using the number of a credit card, which is not owned by the registered user or authorized to her/him, is a criminal offense. Melingo will initiate legal procedures against anyone engaged in such a criminal offense without further notice, including lawsuits for damages that may be caused to the Site or to Melingo or to any third party.
  3. The Site is secured and clearing is made by a third party under the PCI standard. Melingo will use acceptable precautions to protect the personal and credit-card details of the User, as much as possible.
  4. The credit-card charge, if approved by the credit company, is immediate. The purchase will be deemed complete upon receipt of approval from the credit company.
  5. The prices quoted on the site include value added tax (VAT), unless otherwise mentioned.
  6. At the end of the purchase process, an invoice/proof of payment will be issued and sent to the e-mail address given during the registration process.
  7. Cancelation policy is subject to the Israeli Consumer Protection Statute of 1981 (hereinafter: CPS). Nothing in these Terms of Use is meant to undermine its applicability.
  8. A notification of cancelation will be received by Melingo if sent through e-mail within 14 business days from the date of the deal and until two days (except public days of rest) before the beginning of the service. If the service is a continuing service, refund will be proportional, so that the User will be charged for the value of the service until the date of cancelation. In case a continuing subscription is canceled within a period of three months from the beginning of service, refund will be offered for the remaining period, based on the price paid, excluding the time the service was used in months, multiplied by the monthly price of the service, as updated from time to time.
  9. Refund or replacement with other services provided through the Site will be offered subject to availability and times of services as published from time to time on the Site. All of the aforementioned are subject to payment of a cancelation fee of 5% from the price of the deal or the service, or ILS 100, the lower of the two, and according to the provisions of the CPS.

F.    Management of Users

  1. The User is aware of the fact that the license given herein to use the Site is personal and restricted to her/him only (if s/he registered privately), or to his/her users only (in case of an organization that purchased a usage license for several users).
  2. As much as the User uses the Site in a manner that is deemed unreasonable by Melingo, Melingo will be entitled to withhold his/her use of the Site or his/her registration without prior notice with no obligation to return his/her registration fee, and with an option to refuse new registration by her/him.
  3. In addition to the aforementioned, and to remedies reserved to Melingo by law, Melingo will have the right to end a user's usage of the Site in case s/he committed one of the actions described below, and to block his/her access to the Site's services:
    1. breaking into the Site and making any edit or change
    2. providing false details when registering to the Site's services
    3. copying, disseminating, publishing or transferring any content of the Site, and/or the details and files included in it, or making any other use against these Terms of Use, without obtaining Melingo's written permission beforehand
    4. exceeding the pattern of reasonable use
    5. making any action against these Terms of Use
  4. Any use that deviates from these Terms of Use may cause Melingo direct and indirect financial and other damages. Melingo will therefore have the right to block the violator to prevent any further use of the Site, and to act, according to any law, against the violator, as mentioned above.
  5. The user agrees to indemnify Melingo and reimburse it (and any of its holding companies, subsidiaries, related companies, workers, agents, third-party content providers or license providers, members of the management, managers and their respective workers and agents) fully for any lawsuit, debt, expanse (including lawyers' fees and court costs), and any other charges that may be caused by his/her misuse of the Site or violation of any provision in these Terms of Use, or any other legal provision. The User acknowledges that Melingo reserves the right, at its sole discretion and wholly, to protect itself against any issue that constitute a cause for reimbursement by the User. The User will cooperate fully as required in the defense against any lawsuit.
  6. Any illegal act on the Site committed by the User is considered his/her personal responsibility, and Melingo will not be held responsible for it whatsoever.

G.   Privacy

  1. The User declares and agrees that submitting his/her personal details was made of his/her own free will therefore constitutes his/her consent.
  2. The User acknowledges and agrees that Melingo has the right to use the details s/he provided and any stored information about his/her patterns of use, for improving the service provided by Melingo, among other things.
  3. The details of the User will be stored by Melingo, as much as possible, and will not be transferred to any third party which does not act on Melingo's behalf, except the credit company for the implementation of an order by the User on the Site, or for fulfilling any legal obligation or judicial warrant, in case of a legal dispute between Melingo and the User or if the User acts against the law.

H.   Legal jurisdiction

  1. The User hereby agrees that in case of a legal dispute between her/him and Melingo, the law as set forth by The State of Israel will apply. If a legal procedure is conducted, it will be conducted only in Israeli courts of law.


For inquiries, please press the "contact us" tab on the site and send us a message. Alternatively, you may call us at 03-6070403 or write to us at Melingo Ltd, Tozeret Ha'aretz 16, Tel Aviv Yafo.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful use of our site.


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