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Morfix School is an online English learning platform by Morfix available both on desktop and mobile devices and offered in all English levels, from beginners to advanced. It includes vocabulary, grammar, spelling, speaking and reading quizzes, word lists and personal quizzes, a bilingual dictionary and advanced features that helps you build your confidence and phrasing in both written and spoken English. Morfix School offers organizations such as companies, schools and universities an affordable way to provide their members/students with essential English-learning tools they need to further their professional and academic goals.


What's included?

Grow your vocabulary through multiple choice quizzes, matching word pairs and flashcards.
Practice grammar in important subjects such as verb tenses, conditionals, prepositions and more.
Spelling exercises with the help of images.
Gain confidence by practicing your pronunciation of English words and phrases.
Hundreds of games at five different levels of English.
Build custom quizzes and share them with others.
Free access to the Morfix dictionary, the most comprehensive Hebrew-English dictionary on the web.
Available 24/7 on your mobile device or computer.
No Ads!
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