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join  verb

תרגום קולי

joined, has joined, is joining, joins
הִצְטָרֵף, הִתְחַבֵּר; חִבֵּר, קִשֵּר

Example sentences of
join verb

  • דוגמאות שימושThe islands are joined by a bridge.
  • דוגמאות שימושHe insisted that I join them for lunch.
  • דוגמאות שימושWe're going out for lunch. Would you like to join us?
  • דוגמאות שימושThe magician asked for a volunteer from the audience to join him on stage.
  • דוגמאות שימושEveryone here joins me in congratulating you on a job well done!
  • דוגמאות שימושThe singer started alone but soon the whole audience joined in.
  • דוגמאות שימושI joined the line and waited patiently to buy a ticket.
  • דוגמאות שימושHundreds of people have joined the effort to save the building from demolition.
  • דוגמאות שימושHe agreed to join the debate.
  • דוגמאות שימושJoin the Navy and see the world!

join  noun

תרגום קולי

תֶּפֶר, חִבּוּר

Example sentences of
join noun

  • דוגמאות שימושa small crack in the chalice at the join of the stem and the bowl

Phrasal verbs for join

  • join up
    הִתְגַּיֵּס, הצטרף (לקבוצה)
  • join in
    הִשְׁתַּתֵּף, הִצְטָרֵף (לשירה או לשיחה)

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