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labor verb

תרגום קולי

labored, has labored, is laboring, labors
עָבַד, עָמַל; הִתְאַמֵּץ; כָּרַע (תחת); כָּרְעָה לָלֶדֶת

Example sentences of
labor verb

  • דוגמאות שימושWorkers labored in the vineyard.
  • דוגמאות שימושHe labored for several years as a miner.
  • דוגמאות שימושShe has labored in vain to convince them to accept her proposal.
  • דוגמאות שימושWe should honor those who labored so long to make the truth known.
  • דוגמאות שימושThe truck labored up the hill.
  • דוגמאות שימושI have been laboring through this book for months.
  • דוגמאות שימושShe has a tendency to labor the obvious.

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labor verb

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